Goomy religionEdit

As many Psaro-christians believe is that Psaro's son is goomy, and goomy died for us to live in peace, he was once ruling all of the universe, controlling day and night-time, peace and evilness, but then the goodra gods refused to allow him into our kingdom, they disrespected him and mocked him, putting his face on un-sexy bodys, humiliating him. Then the people of Penguin-slayer horizon declared that he shall die for us to live. Then Goomy famously died on the Wiki stone of honor, thy people of the world shall forever remember his youthful personality. But for now, he remains up above in the sky watching down on everything you do.

When will goomy be back?Edit

It is said that on christmas night that Goomys spirits shall rise up summoning all hidden mysterys and tales, the events that will take place on 2013 christmas is Hannah revealing her secret age. And possibly her ex husband showing his face.

Goomy will love everyone who is alive today; he makes sure we all stay in our comfort zone and protects us from the evil spirits that lurk in the land of Psaro, such as satanic Psaro the serial killer, more can be seen here

Is there any other facts about Goomy?Edit

The letter L is famously from the alphabet of Psaro, in order to be a psaro-christian you must say this sentence ' Goomy is love, goomy is L.'