Psaro colada

the psaro colada

The Psaro colada cocktail is a type of drink that often makes u high for about 2 years or so, the ingredients are:

highly toxicated psaro uraine

salt of psaros eyelids

and then some salivour for the juice

this is a sugar free drink and fat free too, it's not very healthy due to it can damage your internal digestive system by cutting open one of your lungs but it's nothing serious of course, not like u need ur lungs anyway.

  • Note: this is a very bad drink for you, dont drink at all if you want to live

wen was the psaro colada drink made u may askEdit

well the simple answer to that is BG ( before goomy )

aka a slang for BC ( before christ )

it was a very popular drink during the goomy era and it's prices have rised from £69.68 to £69.69 per bottle, the goverment has been outraged by the amount of money this has gone up by, and a petition will soon begin of the cost

warning warning warning warningEdit

psaro drink is only for people aged 0-69

any age above will be killed instantly