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It's all about Psaro! Psaro Psaro Psaro piss off non-Psaro

God bless you Psaro

May us bring blessings one by one, If our hearts seperate, pray to Goomy and we will keep in our hearts.

Let us be proud of your name, hail you and thank you every fucking day of our lives.

Psaro is god of goomy

and we are all ugly mofos


OK, ok put news here jysk.

TODAY; DECEMBER 8 2013 - CaikCat and BlueeCookie have been promoted to admins, for their hard (albeit badly-grammar written) work around the wiki!


"damn gorl ok well psaro he's like my straight up homie and we're like chat brudahs and shit yeeeaaa man. he brung this like religion dawg and he claimed sum shit bout goomy bein our lord and saviur and i just gotta say, this guy's the bomb" -CaikCat

" this pissarrow is like a 1 in a lifetime opportunity 2 meet, he made us, he made goomy he died 4 us on a goodra, he gaev up his lyfe 4 us 2 liv, may goomy bles u psaro we wil b selebrating psaro event on 26 of january becus i cant, i cant , i hav lost the ability toucan imagin a wurld without psaro " - BlueeCookie ily7ever

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