When Psaro is fustrated/angered he activates his Satanic mode, often leading to ripping out intestines and making a soup out of it with the leftover blood and remaining heart. If you see Psaro in Satanic mode and Psaro sees you, distract it, make it look the other way, then run away quickly!

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It is highly reccomended if you see Psaro summoning it's satanic mode avoid eye contact at all costs, do not relaliate with a machete or any sort of weapon, the Psaro is becoming extinct more and more everday caused by a criminal by the name of Alex Swag, now there is only one psaro remaning.. Will he survive?

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Story facts:

The psaro was born in gunga and on his 8th Birthday his father left him/abandoned him, research wonders if this is why he grew a way of unleashing his vicious fustration about his father. Scientists have found a way to discover more about this intreaging creature by studying the AC Wiki chat, it seems it's where his habitat was once formed. Another theory that has been tested out is his way of expressing his hatrid to the cp wiki for demoting him from chat mod, he has now lost his self esteem and pride in his life, psaro satanic often shreds his own hair apart and uses it as a tooth brush, the current Psaro is being held in a zoo for safe keeping.